Easy ways your card works for you

No more paper cards

You don't have to print paper business cards anymore. With the Digital Business Card obtained through a tap of the Contactless cards or other accessories on phones, you can monitor the growth of own or team leads.

Verified Information & Testimonials

All contact information on card are verified to earn the badge, CardLit, a mark of trust. Also, Comments from authoritative third parties which are sought internally, reflects in the card

Safe Payment for CardLit users

Being CardLit you can make or collect payment safely with VesiCash escrow, enhancing fraud-free transactions by ensuring services and goods are delivered as agreed before payment is transferred.

We have painstakingly created what you need to succeed in your networking goals

Every posts made by you as a CardLit user reach visitors of the LITCAF Encyclopedia, our own community-made compendium of several subjects, like a boosted post, but not paid.


Digital Business Card by LitCaf is like an actual paper card in its custom designs though it is digital and contact information are clickable. This amplifies personal as well as corporate branding.


We take seriously our verification model through which the CardLit mark is obtained. Each card lasts for a period of one year during which gigs, trading, and other legitimate transactions may proceed with a decent level of assurance through Escrow Payment technology of our partner, VersiCash.