Ilojo Bar

Ilojo Bar under renovation
Ilojo Bar under renovation. Photo: Tajudeen Sowole

Ilojo Bar is also refereed to as Costa do Fernandez or Olaiya house. This well known Brazilian building building, located at Tinunbu, overlooks a non-functioning fountain. It was built about late in the 19th Century by a slave faciy returning from Brazil. This is one of the first modern styles building put up by Nigerians shortly after Lagos became a colony. Mr. Fernandez bought this building from Mr. Anthony Ronkonton. In 1933. Mr. Fernandez sold this property to Alfred Olaiya the father of present owners.This house is one of the most striking of the Brazilian style houses In Lagos with attractive arched doorways and windows, fine iron balustrades and statue. Although Ilojo Bar has been declared a National Monument, its maintenance remained uncertain for almost a decade.