Edun Adegboyega (beside driver) in motor car with Gbadebo I, the sovereign of Egba Kingdom.

Edun Adegboyega

Edun Adegboyega was the secretary of the Egba United Government from 1902 to 1918. He was born in June 1860 as Jacob Henryson Samuel, but changed his name by assuming his ancestral name in 1904….

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Babatunde Fashola

  Babatunde Fashola is the Thirteenth governor of Lagos State, (2007-2015), publicly acclaimed for his analytical skill and administrative competence. He is a recipient of the 2009 Yitzhak…

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Socialism in action- Queen’s College students taking routine milk diet provided by Government in Yaba


Socialism is an ethical science and a universal set of principles conceived as a guide to progressive governance. It is a principle that militates against the aiding and abetting of private…

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