Ayan Ayandosu troupe, also known as The Oduduwa Talking Drummers entertaining Prince Charles of England

Talking Drum

Talking drum called Gangan was invented in Old Oyo Empire at an unknown date. It is mostly used in the Oba’s palace to praise-sing eminent chiefs who come visiting, primarily to extol the…

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Kwara Music

Kwara Music traditionally include varieties like Dadakuada, Waka, Alagbe, and Pamupamu. Dadakuada music emerged from different groups of minstrels about three hundred years ago, mainly among the…

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Iga Idunganran

Iga Iduganran

Iga Idungaran, the Lagos Oba’s Palace, is located along Upper King Street on Lagos Island. It is the most significant of the buildings representing the Pre-colonial Lagos. During the reign of…

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Balogun Kuku

Balogun Kuku was the De facto leader of Ijebu Muslims during the military subjugation of Ijebu by the British in the early 20th Century. His conversion to Islam in 1902 had been a major lost to…

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