Ayan Ayandosu troupe, also known as The Oduduwa Talking Drummers entertaining Prince Charles of England

Talking Drum

Talking drum called Gangan was invented in Old Oyo Empire at an unknown date. It is mostly used in the Oba’s palace to praise-sing eminent chiefs who come visiting, primarily to extol the…

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Charles Phillip (third, on the right, holding British Missionary, Tugwell's left hand). Holding the right is Ajayi Crowther's son.

Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips was the Nineteenth Century Head of the Church Missionary Society in Ondo, whose parents were Yoruba Sierra Leonean returnee. At Ijaiye Charles’s father, known by same name, was…

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Ayo Opon

Ayo opon, or Jonda, is a two-player African board game of strategy, the most popular among the Yorubas. Two persons play in the Ayo game, with the board, a plank of wood consisting of two rows of…

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Gerontocracy is a government consisting mostly of elders. This system was prevalent in antiquity, in the southwest of Nigeria, where much credence is paid to the belief that maturity and wisdom…

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Idejo chiefs introduced by Oba Adeniji Adele II to Queen Elizabeth II


Idejo chiefs are according to Lagos tradition, the original land owners of the island of Lagos, being descendants of Olofin who first colonized Iddo Island of Lagos. Some members of the Idejo…

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Reception of delegates from Yoruba interior to the peace negotiations of 1886 by Governor A. Moloney

Intelligence Report

Intelligence Report in colonial Nigeria was a document outlining the history and the administrative culture of the people as constructed from oral traditions and in some cases, other trusted…

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Isaac Oluwole

Isaac Oluwole, Bishop of the Anglican Church, was born June 5, 1852 in Abeokuta to Ijesha parents.With the nomination of J.B. Wood, Bishop Oluwole was among the first batch of three students who…

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Ìwòfà, translated as ‘pawning’, was the system of constrained labour used in offsetting debts of different kinds in the 19th and 20th Century south-west Nigeria. In ancient times where a…

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Gender as a concept is described by Marjorie Mclatosh as the differing roles and expectations a given society imposes upon women as opposed to men. It has been argued by one Oyerone Oyewunmi that…

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Jaguna was an Egba military rank that existed prominently in the pre-1827 times. This was before the tribe fell under the influence of the Oyo/Ibadan army under the warlord, Maye who acted like…

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