LitCaf is a coworking space in Yaba, Lagos where in addition to a cozy workspace, excellent coffee and wifi is served. We are in the business of building a community of people who do things well. We provide an avenue for professionals and business people to network, and for our friends studying for professional exams to read. Contact us for subscription rates and start doing things well!


At litcaf.com, our official web portal of Nigeria's indigenized information, you can exchange complimentary cards with members of the community of Nigerian professionals, freelancers and business people who do things well. Start by inviting people you already know to join the platform so you can have their complimentary cards, neatly saved in your litcaf profile, and so they can have yours too.


Yes, there are benefits. First, you can work or study from our coworking space, 8:00am-9:00pm everyday except Sundays when we open by 1:00pm (closing also by 9:00pm). Your complimentary card is prioritized and so visible to all corporate and individual members of this online community in their pages while your subscription lasts. This means you should expect short time jobs or employment oppourtunities.


Yes, there are benefits. Your complimentary card is prioritized next to LitCaf subscribers based on your grade on the platform. Grades are measured by validated encyclopedia article posts to LitCaf. Non-subscriber top-graders can buy the LitCaf badge...a sign you belong to a community of people who do things well!

How it Works



Make a card that you can share with great people. Store theirs too in wallet.


Stand self out with encyclopedic knowledge and/or by contributing to encyclopedia.



Get offers for full employment/ Jobs/ Contracts right in your personal email box or get phone calls.


Build and keep networks; your own circle of professionals.